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Jason Voss, CFA, is a content director at CFA Institute, where he focuses on fixed income, behavioral finance, corporate finance, and quantitative methods. He is the author of The Intuitive Investor, and he also ran a successful blog titled What My Intuition Tells Me Now. Previously, Voss was a portfolio manager at Davis Selected Advisers, L.P., where he co-managed the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. He holds a BA in economics and an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Colorado. Topical Expertise: Behavioral Finance · Corporate Finance · Fixed Income

Modern Finance Is Seeing Historic Levels of Speculation

Adrian Bell

Not surprisingly, the 2008–2009 global financial crisis sent many financial professionals looking to history for a sense of appropriate context and perspective to understand the magnitude of such a catastrophic financial shock. This, in turn, sparked a general interest in financial history, but with few professional sources to turn to. At the 2014 Middle East Investment Conference, professor Adrian Bell, head of the ICMA Centre at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School considered the question of whether or not modern finance existed in the Middle Ages. Read more

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High-Frequency Trading: How It’s Changing the Market

High-frequency trading

Recent debate suggests a general lack of good information on high-frequency trading available to the general public. Fortunately, high-frequency trading is an issue that we follow at CFA Institute, and with the goal of providing relevant information in mind, here is a short, curated list of some of our content on the issue — an issue that we think is here to stay for years to come. Read more

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