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Ron Rimkus, CFA, is a content director at CFA Institute, where he focuses on economics and alternative investments. Previously, he served as CEO at the online technology company he founded, Chaos Management, Inc. Prior to founding Chaos Management, Rimkus served as director of large-cap equity products for BB&T Asset Management, where he led a team of research analysts, regional portfolio managers, client service specialists, and marketing staff. He also served as a senior vice president and lead portfolio manager of large-cap equity products at Mesirow Financial. Rimkus earned a bachelor of arts holds a BA in economics from Brown University and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Topical Expertise: Alternative Investments · Economics

Poll: What Do the Recent Defaults in China’s Corporate-Debt Market Mean?

From 2008 to 2012, Chinese government debt, at all levels, increased from about 40% of gross domestic product to 53.5%. Yet, when compared with other countries — such as the United States, whose total government debt was 140% of GDP in 2012 — that figure seems relatively paltry. Including private-sector debt in 2012 increases China’s debt profile to 215% of GDP, which also compares favorably with the United States (360% for the same year). Read more

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