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Paul Druckman on ‹IR›: Concise Integrated Reporting is Key to Good Investor Relations

Integrated reporting

Traditional corporate reporting has been the subject of much criticism, as it has not really been effectively and efficiently communicating the current conditions, issues, and outlook of a corporation’s business with shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders. A different approach — integrated reporting — has been designed to fill the gap, and a global movement is underway to make the norm. Read more

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China A-Shares Going Global: How Will It Affect Asset Allocation?

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

As the liberalization of the domestic equity market in China accelerates, MSCI and FTSE are preparing for the entry of China A-shares into their flagship global indexes. The resulting liquidity inflow is estimated to reach US$180 billion as the $4 trillion A-shares market will command significant weightings in the indexes. International investors will need to start thinking about the asset allocation and transitional issues, while assessing how much value A-shares would actually add, and how the concerns and risks can be managed. Read more

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