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Poll: What Poses the Greatest Risk for Financial Markets?

With the heady returns delivered by most major financial markets in 2013 in the rear view mirror, investors are now tasked with worrying about what could go wrong in the year ahead. A plurality of respondents to our global poll, 36%, cited political or geo-political risks (including government stasis or military conflict) as the greatest threats to market stability, sentiment almost certainly influenced by chronic political dysfunction in Washington, D.C., ongoing unrest in the Middle East, and growing tensions in Asia Pacific. Read more

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Weekend Reads for Advisers: Twitter, FATCA, and Space Exploration

Weekend Reads

I’m a big fan of public radio, especially magazine-style programs that take the listener deep into a topic, yielding an immersive auditory and visual experience. With the radio shows, you are transported, ever so briefly, to another place or time. And so it was that on a recent afternoon, I tuned into NPR’s Fresh Air and sat transfixed in my car as retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield vividly described life in space. Read more

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