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Poll: Is Smart Beta a Passing Fad?

Some argue that smart beta products provide investors with an active approach to passive investing, whereas others believe that it is simply a catchall marketing term that describes any quantitative, rules-based investment strategy that can be formed into an index and sold through mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Read more

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Weekend Reads for Investors: Repo Mania

Weekend Reads

It’s perhaps not surprising that US corporations have taken advantage of historically low interest rates by issuing record amounts of debt. It’s revealing, however, that companies are using the proceeds to buy back their shares with stock prices at all-time highs. According to S&P Capital IQ, US firms are repurchasing their shares at a pace not seen since 2007. Read more

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The Predictive Power of Utility Stocks


Utility stocks have previously been identified as leading indicators for broad stock market movements, and important new research not only confirms the predictive power of utility stocks but also puts it to work in a fairly simple strategy which rotates into and out of utility stocks based on the relative strength of the sector. Read more

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