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Turning Points: The Status Quo Is Changing

Turning Points: The Status Quo Is Changing

The status quo is changing markedly. Oil prices are heading south as the United States ramps up production and OPEC refuses to cut to compensate. Moreover, global demand is looking sluggish with weakening growth in Europe, Japan, and China. The weakening of Chinese demand suggests that there could be a regime change taking place whereby the global driver of commodity demand is declining at precisely the moment when the expansion of global supplies is finally arriving. Read more

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Book Review: The Value Proposition

The Value Proposition: Sionna’s Common Sense Path to Investment Success

The book is an informative guide for those striving to gain a deeper understanding of and improve their skills in value investing. Its themes include adapting to changing market conditions, defining and calculating intrinsic value, and constructing and rebalancing portfolios. Read more