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Turning Points: The Untaper and the Markets’ Reactions

There continue to be growing signs of a credit bubble manifesting around the globe. In the United States, it appears that credit quality is starting to slip as banks are becoming more friendly to lower credit borrows. In private equity, Blackstone sees an “epic” credit bubble. Real estate in China appears to be frothy. And, with the Federal Reserve presently unable to unwind easing, these bubbles could and should grow in magnitude materially. Read more

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Paul Druckman on ‹IR›: Concise Integrated Reporting is Key to Good Investor Relations

Integrated reporting

Traditional corporate reporting has been the subject of much criticism, as it has not really been effectively and efficiently communicating the current conditions, issues, and outlook of a corporation’s business with shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders. A different approach — integrated reporting — has been designed to fill the gap, and a global movement is underway to make the norm. Read more


A Bond Convexity Primer

US EE savings bonds

As the US Federal Reserve lays the verbal groundwork for an eventual real-world quantitative easing taper, bond prices are dropping at an accelerated rate. In order to understand the ramifications of a Federal Reserve taper on the prices of a bond or bond portfolio, what is needed is a bond convexity primer. Read more