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Are We Headed for Another Global Financial Crisis?

It’s been seven years since the global financial crisis of 2008. Although market volatility has picked up somewhat recently, markets have stayed relatively stable. Major world economies remain sluggish, but are mostly reporting positive growth rates. Are we embarking on a new era of prosperity? Or should we expect another economic disaster sometime soon? We asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers what they think the probability is that the world will experience another financial crisis in the next five years. Read more


Book Review: We Are Better Than This

Book Review: We Are Better Than This

The author conveys a deep appreciation of the workings of the US fiscal machine and how fiscal policy — government spending and tax revenue policy — affects every aspect of the economy. Most likely to interest financial analysts are the chapters that function as an instruction manual on the mechanics of fiscal policy. They draw on a large body of data and insightful analysis yet engagingly written in layman’s terms rather than economic jargon. Read more

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