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Druce Vertes, CFA, is the founder of StreetEYE, a social news aggregator for financial market news. He previously worked as an analyst, consultant, and IT manager at several major sell-side firms and hedge funds.

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Linkfest: Has the US economy turned a corner? Active v. passive indexing; Argentina may take US to world tribunal

The daily Linkfest is moving!

As part of the evolution of CFA institute blogs, after 400-odd posts, this will be the last daily linkfest published on Inside Investing.

Many thanks to the CFA Institute for hosting this mad… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Argentina default; Post-crisis banking; ‘Macro-tainment’ v. financial advice

The Linkfest is moving!

After 400-odd posts, the daily linkfest will be moving to

If you wish to continue receiving a daily email roundup of the stories shared by the most influential social media curators of… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Economics consensus hidden by debate; Solar digital Armageddon; Vietnam for asset prices

Today’s most shared:

The hidden consensus in economics is that the stimulus lifted the economy – just one of the issues which are generally considered settled across the academic spectrum, but… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Inflation debate; China’s financial risk; Euro yields fall to multi-century lows; Active ETFs

Today’s most shared:

The great inflation debate: Hawks have been wrong before; Krugman says Fed should keep waiting until it sees the whites of the enemy’s eyes, or longer; What sticky… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Median household wealth’s long-term decline; The most important charts; ‘Ace’ Greenberg

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Median household wealth declines, even as total wealth rises, a sign of increasing inequality.
Investors and analysts pick the most important charts.
Bear Stearns’s rise and fall, and the late… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Confusion as Argentina nears zero hour; High stocks augur low returns; Did Ackman jump the shark?

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US judge in Argentina case creates a gigantic muddle. Apparently it will be a lot harder to negotiate future sovereign debt restructurings in good faith. Wherever there’s a… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Pensions chop hedge funds; Russia sanctions mostly show, not dough; Fed behind curve on financial sector risk, wages?

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Public pension funds pull back on hedge fund experiments after meager returns.
Europe weighs ‘far-reaching’ sanctions on Russia. But cutting back on purchases of Russian gas and commodities does… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Ackman “death blow” against Herbalife fizzles; Limits of US oil boom; CEO pay for performance seen mythical

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Ackman’s “death blow” against Herbalife underwhelms, stock rises after teary finale to 200-slide Powerpoint presentation.
Trees don’t grow to the sky, and North Dakota oil growth is unprecedented,… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Good inflation news; Hedge fund and HFT tax dodges; Less cooperation, more risk in global finance

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Inflation fails to rear its head.
Senate inquiry says hedge funds and HFTs dodged taxes by claiming fast trades were done within a basket structure that turned short-term trading… READ MORE ›

Linkfest: Subprime comeback; Hedge funds attract record assets amid poor returns; Russian elites fear Ukraine fallout

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Lending money to people who can’t afford to repay is still profitable for some.
Hedge funds gather record assets, deliver puny returns in 2014.
Russian oligarchs fear financial… READ MORE ›