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Peter M.J. Gross

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Peter M.J. Gross is an online content specialist for CFA Institute, where he manages blogs for the CFA Institute Annual Conference and European Investment Conference. Previously, he worked at Hampton Roads Publishing Company and at MFS Investment Management. Mr. Gross holds a BA degree from Connecticut College.

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10 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers

The best job searches end quickly. When they don't, Robert Hellmann recommends looking at 10 actions that could revitalize your efforts.

Is Your Gray Rhino Plan in Place?

Author Michele Wucker recommended financial professionals spend less time focused on potential black swans and more time addressing gray rhinos — the threats we can see charging right at us.

Is Your Gray Rhino Plan in Place?

“The most obvious thing is what escapes us,” says author Michele Wucker. Her advice to financial professionals? Identify and plan for the obvious gray rhinos.

Complementing #CFAedge Sessions: Student Networking and Social Opportunities

Personal connections made by #CFAedge delegates outside of conference sessions can be just as valuable as the investment perspectives shared by established luminaries and influential practitioners.

Exploring Philadelphia’s Opportunities

CFA Society Philadelphia, host society for the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference, has recommended food, museums, and other cool places for visiting conference attendees.

Wealth Management in 2017: Oh, the Humanity!

Effective financial advisory firms combine technology’s unique strengths with human insights, and the 2017 CFA Institute Wealth Management Conference explored ways that these combinations can deliver value to clients.

Building Investment Portfolios: Think Globally, Invest Locally

For Ronald M. Florance, Jr., CFA, the investment opportunities of tomorrow lie outside of traditional developed markets.

Time for Financial Professionals to Sharpen Their Saws

Effective financial professionals understand that outside sources can lead to better insights.

Register to Attend the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference

Registration is open for the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 21–24 May 2017.

Raised Expectations, Lowered Rates of Return

Antti Ilmanen, a principal at AQR Capital Management, says everything is expensive because interest rates are at all-time lows.