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After 70 Years of Fruitful Research, Why Is There Still a Retirement Crisis?

Despite thousands of scholarly and practical articles, we still have a retirement crisis. But, reviewing the literature, it seems we have both the intellectual tools to avoid a retirement crisis and many (not all) of the needed institutional arrangements.

Wealth Manager Strategies for Uncertainty: Jean Brunel on Meeting Client Goals

Understanding client goals is the key to effective wealth management, according to Jean Brunel, CFA. In times of unexpected market chaos, that understanding becomes even more important.

Fresh Perspectives for European Investors: Currency, Asset Allocation, and Risk Management

Selections from CFA Institute Conference Proceedings for investment professionals ready to challenge their investment processes, practices, and mindsets.

Solar Flares and Risk Management for Investors

Although solar flares can wreak massive damage, investors and risk managers are woefully unprepared for the risk.

Nobel Laureate Robert Engle on High-Frequency Trading and Portfolio Management

In the second part of our interview with Nobel laureate Robert Engle, he discusses the application of ARCH models in high-frequency trading and how he thinks risk models should be applied in portfolio management.

CFA Institute Magazine: Guarding Portfolios against Bubble Risk

Why have financial bubbles happened more frequently in the past three decades? With economists and policymakers unable to find satisfactory answers, investors must find ways of guarding portfolios against bubble risk, as investment strategist Nicholas Sargen explains.

Nobel Laureate Robert Engle on VaR, Systemic Risk, and Liquidity

Nobel laureate Robert Engle discusses the development of the ARCH model, the global financial crisis, systemic risk, and forecasting liquidity with ARCH models.

Is Mainstream Finance Theory Adrift?

An important new monograph from the CFA Institute Research Foundation explores a fundamental question in the wake of the global financial crisis: Has finance theory failed investors?

Generating Alpha Through Intermarket Analysis

Recent advances in intermarket analysis merit the attention of asset allocators, portfolio managers, and risk managers.

Deductive, Inductive, Pragmatic: Three Views on Investment Risk

Risk management approaches run the gamut from philosophy to science to herd mentality.