March 2012

Roundup: CFA Institute Asia Pacific Investment Conference

Our flagship event in the region brought together noted researchers, investment professionals, and academics to explore the unique economic and financial issues driving investment returns in China and the Asia-Pacific region at large. These curated resources, which include a Livestream session, blog posts, Twitter highlights, photographs, and conference coverage on investment blog Seeking Alpha, provide a collective snapshot of the most important takeaways from our speakers — as shared by CFA Institute staff, conference attendees, and our social media fans and followers. Read more

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Take 15: New Tool for Bond Managers: Leveraging on Equity Market Analysis to Outperform?

Dan diBartolomeo discusses how bond managers can come out of the “silo” and leverage information implicit in the equity markets to gain an edge in managing bond portfolios. The “market implicit expected life of firms” concept, derived from contingent claims models, can be applied to sovereign as well as corporate credits on a global basis for this purpose. Read more

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Advising Trustees: The Five Biggest Pitfalls

Advising Trustees: The Five Biggest Pitfalls

We hear a lot these days about “holistic” wealth management — service that goes beyond traditional investment advice — and how advisers should handle the disparate needs of their clients as part of a seamless whole. One of these needs is trust and estate planning. In all cases, it’s an attorney who drafts the trust document, but that doesn’t mean wealth advisers don’t have a role to play. Read more