Weekend Reads for Advisers: Family Offices, Fiduciary Duty, and High Frequency Trading

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Weekend Reads

Last year, the Financial Times conducted it’s biannual Family Office Survey on topics such as risk tolerance, asset allocation, and performance expectations and uncovered some interesting results. For example, despite seemingly low risk appetites, the average family office still had an allocation to “high risk” assets of more than 70%. Also, even in an economic climate with low yields and increased uncertainty, most family offices were targeting returns of 4% or more above current cash rates. A new paper from Towers Watson — “Family Offices — Aligning Investment Risk and Return Objectives” — explores some of the results in more detail.

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And Now for Something Completely Different

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  1. Savio said:

    Like Doug above, I very much enjoyed the Frank Shorter story – never heard of him before , very inspiring. Much appreciate.

  2. Lauren Foster said:

    Doug and Savio, thank you for your kind comments. Glad to know you enjoy the weekend reading blog posts.

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