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24 September 2013

CFA Institute Magazine: Why Is Volatility Rising?

Market movements are being driven by “fear of what’s going to happen on a global basis,” says risk expert Steven Greiner. With fundamentals arbitraged away, risk forecasting has become harder than ever. The mounting uncertainty has intensified what Andrew Lo of MIT calls “the volatility of volatility.”

Additional highlights from the Sept/Oct issue of CFA Institute Magazine include:

Plus, the digital editions of CFA Institute Magazine also include special content not available in print: Author John Rubino explains how the combination of ETFs and unprecedented monetary stimulus reshaped the precious metals mining industry, and in an exclusive interview, the originator of “lateral thinking,” Edward DeBono, explains why simplicity could be the key to unlocking complexity in markets and investing.

By the way, the e-zine edition of CFA Institute Magazine is now fully compatible with iPad and other mobile devices (no more compatibility problem with Flash). We invite you to try the new and improved version and let us know what you think.

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