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12 September 2014

An Insider’s View of the Scottish Secession Vote (Podcast)

Scotland decides on the 18th of September whether it remains in the United Kingdom, and the vote has far-reaching impact. Curious about what the tenor on the ground is like and the potential impact it has, Jason Voss, CFA, and I called Colin Mclean, the CEO of SVM Asset Management.

His thoughts on the vote are as provocative as his comments on the private equity industry, and I found our conversation illuminating. Particularly interesting is a consensus that developed among the three of us that the election is ideologically driven, rather than fact driven.

Indeed, many of the conversations about this referendum focus on absent facts. Scotland’s oil is an important resource, but who controls it? Bitcoin hasn’t disrupted currencies yet, so will Scotland use the pound, the euro, or some new currency?

A transcript of the interview is forthcoming; in the meantime you can read Jason’s take on it, in which he makes the case that the Scottish secession vote is more important than you think.

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Sloane Ortel

Sloane Ortel publishes The Sloane Zone, an email newsletter that comes when you least expect it and makes more sense than it should. She joined CFA Institute's staff as a sophomore at Fordham University, and was instrumental to the global growth of Enterprising Investor as a collaborator, curator, and commentator over the subsequent eight years.

3 thoughts on “An Insider’s View of the Scottish Secession Vote (Podcast)”

  1. Allison Adams says:

    Thanks Jason, enjoy hearing the different perspectives on the Scottish vote.

    1. Hello Allison,

      Yea! I’m so pleased to read this was valuable. I think that the Scottish vote is the beginning of a wave of such secession issues over the next 25-50 years. Affiliation is becoming so much more personal.

      With smiles!


    2. Allison —

      Very glad you liked it! Have a great weekend.


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