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30 December 2014

Top 10 Posts from 2014: Buffett’s 90-10 Rule, Introspection, Signs of a Market Bubble, and More

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1. Warren Buffett’s 90-10 Rule of Thumb for Retirement Investing

In the annual shareholder letter for Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett included some investing advice for his wife and her trustee — and the average person who is not an expert on stocks.

2. Seven Essential Steps in Portfolio Management

“Even if you are an excellent financial analyst, this alone is insufficient to make you a successful fund manager,” says Dato’ Cheah Cheng Hye, chairman and co-chief investment officer of Value Partners.

3. Recommended Books for Your Career Development in 2014

The beginning of a calendar year is a great time to give your career management efforts a bit of extra attention. That’s even truer for those whose performance reviews happen on a calendar year cycle.

4. Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Introspection

If you would like to separate yourself from the crowd of highly motivated and highly intelligent candidates try adding the following to your arsenal of skills: introspection.

5. Top Anecdotal Signs of a Market Bubble

Anecdotal evidence coupled with hard data helps to better identify market bubbles. Here are the top signs.

6. Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Decisiveness

Over the course of his investment career, none of the unconventional tools that Jason Voss, CFA, employed to improve his results were more powerful than this one.

7. Six Networking Lessons to Remember

Pulling from his personal experience, Charlie Henneman, CFA, shares six important networking lessons to keep in mind for your career advancement.

8. Eight Books That Changed the Way I Think About the World

From the origins of modern Wall Street to the political economy of 14th century France, Charlie Henneman, CFA, offers an off-the-cuff list of the books that have broadened his perspective and contributed to his understanding of the world.

9. Five TED Talks That Changed the Way I Live, Love, and Work

An 18-minute TED talk is something most of us can squeeze into our work days and/or commutes. With that in mind,  Lauren Foster provided five TED and/or TEDx talks that she found compelling — for the simple reason that they all inspired or challenged her to think about an aspect of life in a new way.

10. Powerful Books That Shaped My Thinking

Ron Rimkus, CFA, answers the question, “What were the books that had the greatest influence on my thinking and maturity as an investor?” As his tastes are pretty eclectic, his top books likewise span a wide range of topics. What follows are books that reflect his personal choices and are not necessarily recommended readings.

Honorable mentions: Howard Schilit, the “Sherlock Holmes of accounting”; an interview with Thinknum co-founders Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi; and how high-frequency trading is changing the market.

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