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26 April 2015

Our 68th Annual Conference Is Happening, Right Now. Follow It Here.

I had my first experience with a CFA Institute conference while I was working in India for the brilliant chairman of Indo-MIM. My assignment was straightforward: Compile a report for the chairman and his board detailing the company’s opportunities, weaknesses, and threats — and use anything I could find to do it. As a result, I spent a good deal of time looking for interesting things to broaden my perspective. So I was on Twitter one day, and I came across a summary of a presentation that had been delivered at a CFA Institute event.

Now I’m in the business of helping other folks broaden their perspective. So, as an experiment, my colleague Peter M.J. Gross and I are going to bring our Annual Conference to you in a new way. We’ve brought some of the most interesting thinkers in the world to Frankfurt, and it seems worthwhile to deliver as much of their insights to you as possible.

So this post will do two things. Peter, who is the brains behind our excellent events Twitter feed, will be watching the social conversations that come out of the conference and curating highlights in the Storify feed below. I will also add in my own commentary throughout the conference. Together, we’re hoping we can give the folks who can’t make it (or don’t want to scour social media on their own) a good window into what’s happening here.

If that’s you, bookmark this page. There will be a lot here, and it will be worth checking back. If you’d prefer to follow along yourself or engage with what’s going on here, please do that! You can follow #FutureFinance, comment below, or tweet at CFA Institute, or any of the folks that are here. We will also be publishing summaries of some presentations on our conference blog.

All posts are the opinion of the author. As such, they should not be construed as investment advice, nor do the opinions expressed necessarily reflect the views of CFA Institute or the author’s employer.

Photo credit: ©iStockphoto/SusanneB

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Sloane Ortel

Sloane Ortel publishes The Sloane Zone, an email newsletter that comes when you least expect it and makes more sense than it should. She joined CFA Institute's staff as a sophomore at Fordham University, and was instrumental to the global growth of Enterprising Investor as a collaborator, curator, and commentator over the subsequent eight years.

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