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Greg Blotnick, CFA, is the founder and managing partner of Brattle Street Capital. Brattle Street Capital is a private investment partnership focused on opportunities within the Consumer & Retail sector. Blotnick has over a decade of long/short equity experience as a sector specialist and has served as an analyst for some the industry’s largest hedge funds including Citadel and Schonfeld. Blotnick holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS in Finance from Lehigh University.

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Gauging Market Sentiment: Selling Greed Is Harder Than Buying Fear

Where do we stand today from a market sentiment perspective? And how does one assimilate sentiment and crowd psychology and use it to make informed, intelligent investment decisions? Greg Blotnick, CFA, explains.

Mitigating Short Exposure: Learning from Others’ Mistakes

There is no road map for short sellers. This leaves them two options: Make their own mistakes, or learn from those who have already made them. Greg Blotnick, CFA, has found the latter approach is far cheaper.

Lessons from a Legendary Short Seller

What can the late Robert W. Wilson, one of Wall Street’s master short sellers, teach today's investors?

High-Conviction Short Sales: Empathy for the Bull

The best short sellers share one key personality trait: empathy, or the ability to put themselves in their counterparty’s shoes, says Greg Blotnick, CFA. Before initiating any short position, make sure to know the answer to the three questions he poses.

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