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Hadley Chu is the Investor Education intern at CFA Institute. She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in economics at Princeton University.

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Some Neuroeconomics Tips for Improving Investment Decision Making

What does the developing field of neuroeconomics have to offer investment professionals?

Best of 2014: Creative Destruction or “The Market’s Messy Way of Delivering Progress”

In the face of the volatility that largely defined the markets in 2014, it is our goal here at the Enterprising Investor to provide you with practical examinations of current issues in finance and investing. Below is a selection of analyses, advice, and, if nothing else, some simply interesting opinions that address the myriad changes markets have experienced this year.

Six Ways Millennials Are Using Money That You’re Not

Every generation has unique attitudes, values, and quirks that distinguish it from its parent generation. Two of the most distinguishing features of millennials are increasingly high levels of education and technological prowess. These new attitudes are remarkably reflected in how millennials use money.

The Challenges of Researching India

The challenges of doing research into India.

Are Municipal Bonds Still a Safe Investment? (Podcast)

This podcast focuses on the recent market sell-off and volatility, the nature and threat of bankruptcy, focusing on specific trouble spots such as Central Falls, RI, and Stockton, CA, and about potential federal proposals to remove municipals’ tax exempt status.

Take 15: The Hunt for Yield, the Municipal Bond Market, and Crossover Buyers (Video)

Cate Long, who blogs about municipal bonds for Thomson Reuters, provides an overview of the municipal bond market in terms of size and the primary holders of the debt, discusses the overall state of municipal credit in 2013, and gives her outlook for Detroit and Puerto Rico.

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