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Jennifer Curry formerly served as managing editor of the Enterprising Investor. Previously, she was the social media manager at the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA). Prior to her work at NYSSA, Curry worked as the senior project editor for a nonfiction imprint at Barnes & Noble Publishing and as an assistant editor at the H.W. Wilson Company. She is the editor of several volumes in the Reference Shelf series, and her writing has appeared in Smithsonian, IndustryWeek, Barnes & Noble Review, and other publications. Curry holds a BS in journalism and a BA in anthropology from the University of Kansas, and an MA in anthropology from Hunter College, City University of New York.

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Top Five Articles from March: Warren Buffett’s 90-10 Rule, the Sherlock Holmes of Accounting

Highlights from the month of March include insights from the Oracle of Omaha and the financial pro known as the "Sherlock Holmes of accounting."

Top Five Articles from February: Career Development, Anecdotal Signs of a Bubble

Top articles for the month of February featured recommended reading for career development, top anecdotal signs of a market bubble, and the seven abilities needed to effectively manage people.

Top Five Articles from January: Networking, Open-Access Modeling, and Central Banks

By far, the biggest hit of January was Charlie Henneman's post on six important networking lessons — each drawn from his own experience in finance. Other popular posts included an interview with Thinknum's founders and an all-star panel discussion about central banks and systemic risk.

Fesharaki: Indian Oil and Gas Production Stymied by “Antiquated Policy Making”

India's oil minister recently announced an effort to refresh the two-decade-old estimate of oil and gas reserves. But Fereidun Fesharaki, chairman at FGE, a consulting group focused on oil and gas markets, remains skeptical about efforts to further develop India's gas and oil industries — unless the government allows prices that are competitive with the international market.

Top 10 Posts from 2013: Films, Behavioral Finance, and Gold

CFA Institute's the Enterprising Investor provides intelligent, diligent, and eclectic commentary for investment professionals. Here are the top 10 posts from 2013.

Top Five Articles from November: Tougher Times for Analysts

Among the most popular articles from the past month were posts that predicted tougher times ahead for securities analysts and the economy as a whole.

Top Five Articles from October: The Life of the Financial (and Nonfinancial) Mind

The top posts from this month raised some pretty fundamental questions: Why do good people do bad things? How much (or little) do we understand about the markets? Will things only get better — or worse?

Top Five Articles from September: Films, Frontier Markets, and Getting Your Foot in the Door

The top posts from this month are an eclectic mix, and the biggest hits included advice on how to become a research analyst and a look at how finance professionals are represented in film.

Top Five Articles for August: Emerging Markets and the Psychology of Saving

As summer was winding down, readers were most interested in our coverage of the turmoil in emerging markets. Readers were also interested in how human psychology affects people's ability to save and to manage their portfolios.

Top Five Articles from July: Investment vs. Speculation and Summer Reading

Print media may be struggling these days, but books — whether on the printed page or a tablet — appear to be alive and well. This month our readers were particularly interested in book reviews. Who knew Warren Buffett made such a great beach read?

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