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Julia VanDeren, manager, career services at CFA Institute, serves as the subject matter expert in career management skills, curating and developing career resources for members and program candidates. Previously, she served CFA Institute as career services representative, managing the CFA Institute JobLine (now Career Center) and Career Centre (now Career Tools) resources. VanDeren holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MPA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Best of 2016: Career Management

What were the best articles on career management from the past year? Julia VanDeren highlights one from each month of 2016.

Job Boards and Career Management

If you only visit online job boards when you are actively searching for a job or after a bad week at work — those times when you think to yourself, "There has to be something better than this" — then you might miss out on much of the value they can provide your career management efforts.

Finding the Right Job to Target

For today's finance professional, job searches will be more successful the more specific they are. If you conduct your search with nebulous ideas about your job targets, you risk marketing yourself in too general a way. Giving real thought to how you identify your target roles will improve your whole job search.

Executive Presence: How to Present Yourself as a Leader

Some familiar leadership competencies include decisiveness, confidence, flexibility, intelligence, perseverance, and respect. But executive coach and author Julie Jansen notes a few others that deserve closer examination.

Career Risks: What They Are and Why We Have to Take Them

Have you taken risks with your career? We asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief whether they took chances in their professional lives and how they feel about having taken them or, conversely, having avoided them.

Hiring a Career Coach: Is It Worth It?

When is it worth hiring your own career coach? And what kind of a coach — “career,” “executive,” “life,” “business,” “branding” — do you need anyway?

Is a Leadership Role Right for You?

You are the only one responsible for deciding the course of your career, so it is important that you think carefully about whether moving into a leadership or people-management role is right for you.

There Is No Single Formula for Success

What is the recipe for success? Whatever the precise combination of ingredients, most would say that hard work is a critical component. But is it the only one? The most important one? For insight on these questions, we asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief how much hard work and diligence contributed to their success.

Three Job Market Insights from Executive Recruiters

"The most technically qualified person does not always get the job" was among the insights provided by a panel of executive recruiters during a recent Twitter chat.

Did You Hear Me? Listening Is a Skill

To provide guidance and practical insights on why and how to listen to achieve better business relationships, executive coach Katie Botten presented a webinar on "The Art and Science of Business Listening." So what were some of her tips?

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