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Larry Cao, CFA, is senior director of research at CFA Institute. He conducts original research with a focus on multi-asset strategies and FinTech (including AI, big data, and blockchain). He has led the development of such popular publications as the latest Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Applications in Investments, T-Shaped Teams: Organizing to Adopt AI and Big Data at Investment Firms, AI Pioneers in Investment Management, and Multi-Asset Strategies: The Future of Investment Management. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences on these topics. During his time in Boston pursuing graduate studies at Harvard and as a visiting scholar at MIT, he also co-authored a research paper with Nobel laureate Franco Modigliani that was published in the Journal of Economic Literature by American Economic Association. Larry has more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry. Prior to joining CFA Institute, Larry worked at HSBC as senior manager for the Asia Pacific region. He started his career at the People’s Bank of China as a USD fixed-income portfolio manager. He also worked for US asset managers Munder Capital Management, managing US and international equity portfolios, and Morningstar/Ibbotson Associates, managing multi-asset investment programs for a global financial institution clientele. Larry has been interviewed by a wide range of business media, such as Bloomberg, CNN, the Financial Times, South China Morning Post and the Wall Street Journal.

Author's Posts
ChatGPT and the Future of Investment Management

So, do we human advisers and analysts stand any chance in the post-ChatGPT world?

The Fintech Files: Who Will Dominate Mobile Payments?

Of all the uses of fintech, mobile payment is arguably the one in which traditional financial institutions have lost the most share. Who will dominate mobile payments on a global scale? Larry Cao, CFA, explored the issue with Ken Chew, managing director of DBS Bank’s consumer finance business.

Blockchain Technology: What Will Be Its Biggest Bang?

Though blockchain technology has enormous promise, it has yet to gain many entry points into the finance industry. So where is the technology most likely to be applied over the next five years? We asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers for their assessment. Larry Cao, CFA, analyzes the results.

The Fintech Effect: What Will Bring the Most Change?

Fintech will have a significant and potentially revolutionary influence on a broad set of sectors within the financial services industry and across the globe. So what aspect of fintech has the potential to most transform the finance sector? We asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief to find out.

How Can Investment Professionals Add Value?

The investment world has changed, and investment professionals need to develop new skills to deal with a new reality. So how can they best serve their clients?

Robert Engle on Systemic Risk in China and around the World

Nobel laureate Robert Engle discussed systemic risk in China and throughout the globe. His advice for investors? Treat credit risk as an important part of the investment decision-making process.

How to Best Gauge Your Risk Tolerance

How often do you check your investment performance? The answer goes a long way in determining your risk tolerance.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Brave New World or Geopolitical Maneuver?

After two decades of negotiations, 12 Pacific Rim countries finally reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief if this is an important event in the context of the global economy.

Beating the Market: Four Mistakes to Avoid

Active management is a tough gig. But knowing what does not work at least gets investors a step closer to finding their own secret sauce. Here are a few suspicious approaches some active managers pursue. Rather than adding alpha, these are more like illustrations of how not to beat the market.

Where to Invest in China: Four Powerful Trends Long-Term Investors Can’t Ignore

Understanding how to invest in China is only the first step. But where do you begin? In the second part of the Investing in China series, veteran China investor Martin Lau shared with us four powerful trends in China that long-term investors cannot afford to ignore.

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