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Mark Harrison, CFA, was director of journal publications at CFA Institute, where he supported a suite of member publications, including the Financial Analysts Journal, In Practice summaries, and CFA Digest. He has more than 12 years of investment experience as a portfolio manager and securities analyst. Harrison is a graduate of the University of Oxford.

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Unfollowing the Crowd: Investor Sentiment Causes Higher Volatility

Which influential investors should diligent equity investors follow? Should you be following anybody?

Current Thinking on Hedge Funds: Are They Worth It?

Amid a growing list of disasters, many are increasingly questioning the claims of hedge funds to offer absolute returns. On the other hand, new studies seem to support the performance claims of hedge funds.

Current Thinking on the Financial Crisis and the Way Forward

A great crisis can produce great leaps forward in thought and human achievement. So is there any evidence that the epic financial crisis of 2008 will leave a legacy of fruitful ideas for our financial system?

Robert Merton: A New Approach for Macrofinancial Risks

Nobel laureate Robert C. Merton challenged traditional models used by investors to measure sovereign and financial system credit risk and instead proposes an alternative framework.

Europe’s Economy and the Way Forward

Economist Anatole Kaletsky downplays the real economic importance of Europe to the global economy and believes there is a chance that Germany might even leave the eurozone to ensure the euro’s survival as a currency.

The Feuding Tribes of Practitioners (and Theorists) in Investment Management

Amidst the worst financial crisis in a generation, polarizations between proponents of quantitative approaches and those who favor classical fundamental analysis and behavioral finance pose a hindrance to solving the practical challenges we face as investors. Can this chasm be bridged?

Unapologetic after All These Years: Eugene Fama Defends Investor Rationality and Market Efficiency

The father of modern finance took on critics of efficient markets and issued stinging rebukes of “too big to fail” banks, pension plans, active management, and behavioral finance.

James Montier: More Realistic Financial Models Incorporating Illiquidity and Leverage Are Needed

Financial theorists, policymakers, and practitioners created the financial crisis with “bad models, bad policies, bad incentives, and bad behavior,” said James Montier of GMO UK Ltd.

Measuring Investor Overcrowding

Are institutional investors mostly investing in the same securities at the same time? And can a better understanding of such crowding help investors?

With the recent news that Apple, Inc…. READ MORE ›

Take 15: Evaluating Performance Attributions and New Models to Measure Risk

Carl R. Bacon, CIPM, a performance measurement specialist, discusses the evolution of performance attribution, the latest developments in performance measurement, and the issue of ex post risk.

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