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A. Michael Lipper, CFA, is president of Lipper Advisory Services, Inc., a firm providing money management services for wealthy families, retirement plans and charitable organizations. A former president of the New York Society of Security Analysts, he created the Lipper Growth Fund Index, the first of today’s global array of Lipper Indexes, averages and performance analyses for mutual funds. After selling his company to Reuters in 1998, Lipper has focused his energy on managing the investments of his clients and his family. His first book, Money Wise: How to Create, Grow and Preserve Your Wealth, was published by St. Martin's Press. Lipper’s unique perspectives on world markets and their implications have been posted weekly on his blog since August, 2008.

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Can Credit Ratings Be Sexy?

How bond credit ratings affect relative stock price performance, and drafting institutional Investment Policy Statements in terms of its fixed-income investment accounts.

Stubborn Analysts May Become Stubborn Portfolio Managers

I worry when I see a poorly performing fund with low turnover rates that we could be experiencing one of the biggest untaught risks in portfolios: stubbornness.

The Importance of Turnover in Picking Managers

A. Michael Lipper, CFA, discusses whether turnover rates matter when picking a manger.

Proving Investment Selection Processes

The purpose of this post is to examine two opposite selection processes, (1) Picking winners and (2) Avoiding losers; as well as to discuss the provability of these or any selection processes before-hand.

The Real Investment Risk is Not Changing Your Thinking

"In the real world more often than not we are confronted with challenges and therefore opportunities that take us off the narrow principles-based trajectory we have been schooled to follow." says A. Michael Lipper, CFA.

Government Debt vs. Tough Love

Introspection is forcing many managers and investors to privately reconsider the basic premises of their long-term investment strategies.

Government Debt vs. Tough Love

What would the world look like under tough love? Governments would rely on their taxing authority to meet much more limited needs, and some of present expenditures would be taken over by the private sector.

Does Money Make the World Go Around?

Cash is an instrument of exchange used in buying and selling - what does your use of cash say about you?

Time To Change Investment Labels?

Astute investors should not put too much emphasis on labels, and should question their reliance on labeled strategies.

Money Flows: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Unrealistically, most investment discussions focus largely on purchase decisions and almost all the rest of the time on when to sell. In contrast, as both an investment manager and a member of numerous investment committees, our most frequent interaction with an investment account deals with flows; money coming in or going out.

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