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Nathan Jaye is a keynote speaker, financial journalist, and founder of Immortal, a fashion company in San Francisco. Jaye's insights and writing on human intelligence, technology, and meaning have been shared on Business Insider, the American Monetary Association, American Mensa, New York Hedge Fund Roundtable, and 100 People You Should Know.

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How to Convert Your Work into Your Passion

Kal Ghayur, CFA, discusses the importance of self-awareness as a career navigation tool, how to align one’s values with career management choices, the dangers of mis-fit risk, the process by which work can potentially be made more fun, and the motivation that drove him to write Career Success: Navigating the New Work Environment, with Dwight D. Churchill, CFA.

The Importance of Multi-Asset Investing

The importance of allocation has been grossly underestimated,” says Pranay Gupta, CFA, co-author of a new book on multi-asset allocation.

Strong Personal Branding Leverages Your Difference

Are you respected within your industry? What do your peers think of you? What can you do about it? These questions are at the heart of the personal branding and reinvention process, according to Dorie Clark, a marketing strategy consultant.

Geopolitical Disorder in a G-Zero World

Geopolitical awareness may be more crucial than ever for the savvy investor. A leadership vacuum in international affairs has not only increased instability and uncertainty but will continue to do so for the next 10 years, according to Ian Bremmer.

How (Not) to Sabotage Your Firm

Perusing an old war manual on how to sabotage organizations will spark instant recognition for any modern office worker. How can firms stop unintentionally sabotaging themselves?

Will India Surpass China over the Next Decade?

“Of the large Asian economies, India probably will be the fastest growing over the next decade,” says Punita Kumar-Sinha, CFA.

How Does Fed Policy Influence Financial Markets?

Research on how US Federal Reserve policy influences financial markets provides key findings for “astute” investors.

A View to the Future: Changes in the Investment Industry

By 2030, investment management will be transformed by megatrends that are already reshaping the industry, according to a new study.

Bruce Schneier: Cyberattacks Aren’t Going Away

After the online breach of JPMorgan Chase, cybersecurity awareness is growing in the financial world. But what exactly is cybersecurity (and cybervulnerability)? What can or cannot be done to make sensitive information more secure?

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