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Paul McCaffrey is the editor of Enterprising Investor at CFA Institute. Previously, he served as an editor at the H.W. Wilson Company. His writing has appeared in Financial Planning and DailyFinance, among other publications. He holds a BA in English from Vassar College and an MA in journalism from the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism.

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Top Five Articles from March: Roubini, Retirement Risks, and Multi-Asset Strategies

Top articles from March include an exploration of the risks and rewards of retirement, Nouriel Roubini's take on the unconventional monetary policies adopted in the wake of the Great Recession, and several entries by Larry Cao, CFA, from his series on multi-asset strategies.

Top Five Articles from February: The Buffett Bet, Islamic Finance, Charts, and Curiosity

Highlights from February include an update from Ted Seides, CFA, seven years into his famous 10-year bet with Warren Buffett; an examination of Islamic finance's track record and future prospects; an online forum exploring the question of whether finance is a noble profession; and more.

Top Five Articles from January: Oil Prices, Bitcoins, Swiss Francs, and Charts

Top articles from January explore the recent oil price plunge, the fundamental utility of bitcoins, what the recent moves by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) mean for the interplay between central banks and markets, and offer some revealing charts on deflation and other topics.

Top Five Articles from December: Millennials, Damodaran, and Global Equity Allocation

Highlights from December include examinations of how the US shale oil boom could impact real estate in London and Aswath Damodaran's recommendation that investment managers fuse numbers and narratives in stock valuations.

Top 10 Posts from 2014: Buffett’s 90-10 Rule, Introspection, Signs of a Market Bubble, and More

Throughout 2014, Enterprising Investor has sought to provide investment professionals with compelling, insightful, and informative commentary. The following 10 posts from the past year stood out for the degree to which they engaged and resonated with our readers.

Global Market Sentiment Survey: Asian Investors Concerned about Money Supply Contraction, Says Paul Smith, CFA

Paul Smith, CFA, managing director of the Asia-Pacific region at CFA Institute, discusses the 2015 Global Market Sentiment Survey with Channel NewsAsia.

Top Five Articles from November: Beating the Market, Scaling, and Personal Branding

Top articles from November include examinations of scaling as a key tool for investment managers, the potential impact of robo-advisers on the finance industry, and how personal branding is essential for career development.

Top Five Articles from October: Bond Risks, Myron Scholes, and Discernment

Highlights from October include articles on bond risks and discernment as a key skill for investment managers as well as an interview series with Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes.

Top Five Posts from the 2014 European Investment Conference

Highlights from the conference included coverage of presentations by Elizabeth Corley on solving the "trust deficit" in the asset management industry, Elroy Dimson on John Maynard Keynes's skills as an investor, and Russell Napier, ASIP, on the investment outlook for India and China, among other topics.

Top Five Articles from September: Multifamily Housing, Forthrightness, and More

Highlights from this month include the multifamily housing boom and how forthrightness can serve you well as an investment manager.

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