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Robert J. Martorana, CFA, has worked on the buy-side since 1985 as a stock analyst, portfolio manager, research director, financial advisor, and editor of a hedge-fund website. In 2009, Martorana founded Right Blend Investing, a fee-based RIA that manages individual portfolios and does consulting for the asset management industry. RBI has one unique claim to fame in that it supports an orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India. Since 2011, Martorana has published over 1,000 pages of contract research, and he is co-author of Alts Democratized by Wiley Finance.

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Why I Love Having My Own RIA

Business is so much easier when you have autonomy. This is especially true for advisers, since you can choose a structure that fits your philosophy and personality. You can also adapt faster to industry changes, such as the shift to fee-only advice and the fiduciary standard.

Simple, Safe, and Cost-Effective: Using a Core/Satellite Approach in Your 401(k)

Robert Martorana, CFA, explains why he thinks the core/satellite approach is the best way for advisors to manage balancing costs and benefits while keeping the client’s best interest in mind, specifically in regards to 401(k)s.

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