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Robert Stammers, CFA, was director of Investor Engagement for CFA Institute and was responsible for increasing the use and distribution of Future of Finance and CFA Institute content by various audiences. Prior to joining CFA Institute, Stammers was the principal for his founded company where he consulted for real estate owners, lenders, and syndicators to develop and analyze structured real estate investments. There he devised strategy for obtaining debt and preferred equity capital and created finance-related marketing materials and research papers for various clients. Stammers has authored over 100 articles on various financial and investment topics for such investment periodicals as Forbes and Investopedia. He served as a senior equity analyst, where he was responsible for the creation of new investment tools and instructional products to provide the revenues for two new investment education companies. As a senior executive for several institutional fund managers, Stammers was the portfolio manager for a $1 billion enhanced real estate fund, a $1.2 billion private timber fund, and several pension fund separate accounts.

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Poll: Who Should Bear the Primary Responsibility for a Well-Funded Retirement?

Retirement income typically comes from three sources: government programs, employer-supported pensions, and individuals' savings. Because each component is involved in providing retirement benefits, we asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers who should bear the primary responsibility for a well-funded retirement.

Are You an Investor?

One of the issues that plagues investor education and financial service professionals, who are focused on educating retail investors and have a vested interest in a better-informed client base, is that many individuals don’t perceive themselves as investors.

Robo-Advisers: Opportunity or Threat? (Online Forum)

To offer guidance and insight about current changes in the investment advisory industry, the Future of Finance initiative at CFA Institute has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the implications and potential effects of robo-advisers on the marketplace.

How to Win Investors’ Trust

The combination of the financial crisis, events like the Libor scandal, and frequent news stories about financial organizations putting their interests above their clients, it is obvious why some investors may be concerned about the quality of advice and the motivations of their financial service providers.

Poll: Which Information Source Is Best Positioned to Educate Individual Investors?

Where should investors turn for investor education? The global investor-education community is very fragmented, with various organizations providing services at the national, jurisdictional or local level.

Poll: Is Smart Beta a Passing Fad?

Some argue that smart beta products provide investors with an active approach to passive investing, whereas others believe that it is simply a catchall marketing term that describes any quantitative, rules-based investment strategy that can be formed into an index and sold through mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

Why Should You Save?

“A penny saved is a penny earned” is a truth that is part of the fundamental basis of good financial management, yet many people fail to see the importance of developing good saving habits.

Is AI the New RIA?

Due to the proliferation of new computer-assisted advisory platforms, it's natural to ask what investment advisers of the future will look like and whether they'll be humans or robots.

In Search of a Secure Retirement

Confusion on how to save and invest is the biggest impediment to effective retirement planning. Understanding some common principles and practices can be invaluable.

Value Investing: Thinking Like an Owner (Video)

As investors, one of the things that we hear consistently is that it's important to "invest like an owner". This video discusses the many maxims that we commonly hear in value investing lore.

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