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Robert Stammers, CFA, is director of Investor Engagement for CFA Institute and is responsible for increasing the use and distribution of Future of Finance and CFA Institute content by various audiences. Prior to joining CFA Institute, Stammers was the principal for his founded company where he consulted for real estate owners, lenders, and syndicators to develop and analyze structured real estate investments. There he devised strategy for obtaining debt and preferred equity capital and created finance-related marketing materials and research papers for various clients. Stammers has authored over 100 articles on various financial and investment topics for such investment periodicals as Forbes and Investopedia. He served as a senior equity analyst, where he was responsible for the creation of new investment tools and instructional products to provide the revenues for two new investment education companies. As a senior executive for several institutional fund managers, Stammers was the portfolio manager for a $1 billion enhanced real estate fund, a $1.2 billion private timber fund, and several pension fund separate accounts.

Author's Posts
Quantitative Methods: What Is Modern Portfolio Theory? (Video)

The use of Modern Portfolio theory to maximize returns while reducing risk.

M&A Trends: Are Business Owners Able to Sell? (Podcast)

Andrew Greenberg discusses whether a trend of small business owners selling their firms will emerge in advance of the election.

The US Presidential Election: Will it Impact Your Investment Portfolio? (Podcast)

The election and its potential impact on the economy has been on the minds of investors lately. This podcast provides comments on the election and its potential impact on the economy.

How Can Asset Allocation Help You Reach Your Financial Goals? (Video)

Diversification has been called “the only free lunch” in finance, and asset allocation is an important part of it.

How To Evaluate Economic Information (Video)

Harm Bandholz, CFA, stopped by our offices to discuss how individual investors should view the release of economic data.

Are MLPs a Good Investment for You? (Videos)

Darren Schuringa, CFA, discusses a white paper on investing in master limited partnerships (MLPs) that he recently published with his colleagues at Yorkville Capital Management.

Have You Forgotten About Longevity Risk? (Podcast)

Robert Martorana, CFA, evaluates longevity risks and some strategies to mitigate them.

Do Muni Bonds Default More Often than You Think? (Podcast)

Kurt Van Kuller, CFA, discusses the conflicting evidence on the rate of municipal bond defaults.

How To Find Reliable Financial Information (Videos)

Taesik Yoon, CFA, discusses how to find valuable information in the growing cacophony of blogs, television programs, and twitter feeds.

How Should You Manage Your 401(K)?

Robert Martorana, CFA, came by our studio to give his advice about what investors should do to get the most out of their 401(k) plans.

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