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Why Financial Advisers Need to Talk to Clients about Elder Care

With baby boomers aging and average life expectancies rising, financial advisers need to address elder care in their conversations with clients.

The Hidden Moralism in Economic Models

"The economy today cannot eat everything it cooks," the Czech economist and author Tomáš Sedlácek tells Jason Voss, CFA, in a recent Take 15 interview. "So the government has to consume in its stead."

How to Minimize and Respond to Cyber Risk

Thomas D. Giachetti offers advice on information security, including how best to protect client data and how to respond in the event of a breach.

Top Five Articles from June: The Rise of Wearables and the End of Capitalism

Highlights from June include April Rudin's predictions about an impending smartphone extinction, a discussion of another possible financial crisis by Ron Rimkus, CFA, and an analysis of the little worm that is destroying capitalism by Jason Voss, CFA.

The State of Retirement Today

Planning for retirement is undoubtedly essential — and can quickly become complicated without the proper preparation. Michael Finke, professor and director of retirement planning at Texas Tech University, discussed the importance of longevity in retirement planning, the implications of cognitive decline, and the notion of an impending retirement crisis.

How to Talk to Millennials about Money

Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CFA, discusses how best to communicate with millennials when it comes to financial matters.

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