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Scott Krisiloff, CFA, is the CEO of Avondale Asset Management, an independent investment advisory firm located in Los Angeles. Krisiloff is the author of the firm's blog, Company Notes.

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The C-Suite Speaks: For Low-Income Earners, the Recession Never Ended

Low-income earners never really exited the recession, and in fact, their situations have gotten worse. Inflation is outpacing wage growth for this demographic.

The C-Suite Speaks: Getting Back on Track

It was a holiday-shortened week last week, so there weren't a lot of companies talking. It is annual report season though, so a lot of this week's quotes come from shareholder letters. Commentary continues to be positive. Optimism has rebounded with the markets.

The C-Suite Speaks: Hotel California

If the Fed doesn't feel comfortable raising rates above 0.25% in the current conditions, will we ever leave this low rate environment?

The C-Suite Speaks: A Strong February

The management teams that we listened to last week were relatively unanimous in their assessment that the US economy showed strength last month.

The C-Suite Speaks: Warren’s Wisdom

Last week was a slow one for earnings calls, but Warren Buffett did do an interview with CNBC that featured classic Buffett wisdom.

The C-Suite Speaks: Glass Half Full

Does the market's current volatility reflect reality? Members of the C-suite aren't sure it matches up with what they're seeing.

The C-Suite Speaks: Objects in Mirror . . .

Despite positive economic developments, financial market conditions have tightened enough to generate caution. The question is whether that caution will be enough to cause a broader slowdown.

The C-Suite Speaks: The Oracles Opine

Charlie Munger and Janet Yellen each offered up some intriguing prognostications over the last week or so. So what did they have to say about where the economy is headed?

The C-Suite Speaks: Inventories Destocked?

An industrial recession typically ends when excess inventories have been depleted. We are probably not there yet, but we're getting closer. That's a good sign for the second half of 2016, but tightening conditions in capital markets could create problems of their own.

The C-Suite Speaks: Business as Usual?

The C-suite struck an optimistic tone on earnings calls last week. While almost every management team mentioned macroeconomic uncertainty, most executives (outside of the energy sector) were pleased with business conditions. They were even positive on the environment in China. But it's a little hard to believe that everything is business as usual.

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