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Shreenivas Kunte, CFA, CIPM, is director of content at CFA Institute, where he contributes financial market insights about India and the developed world. Previously, he taught at and managed SP Jain’s Trade and Applied Research lab, which he helped found. Kunte also served as a country trading strategist at Citigroup’s Tokyo office. He actively contributes to the development sector in India and is an external research scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Ethics Statement

Beyond the easier to understand, important codes of conduct, “Ethics” for me is awareness; an endeavor for right thought and action.

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Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Who Will Revive Growth?

An internet-driven information revolution defined the economic boom of the late 1990s, and financial engineering coupled with housing prices led to the booms and busts of the 2000s. Will the current cycle be about China or real transformative technological innovations that can have a lasting and beneficial influence on both markets and economic vitality in general?

Behavioral Biases: What Is the Weakest Link in the Investment Profession?

How vulnerable are the various classes of investment decision makers to behavioral biases? Is there a difference in the degree to which they are susceptible? We conducted a CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief poll to find out.

After Short-Termism: The Uneasy Road to Long-Term Investing

Crises create challenges and spark debates that give us mirrors for introspection. Among the many important issues that arose from the 2008 financial crisis is the ever growing focus on short-termism in financial markets.

Earnings Confessions: What Disclosures Do Investors Prefer?

Modern life requires us to process an ever increasing load of information. For those in the financial markets, earnings seasons turn that daily data deluge into a full-on tidal wave.

Weekend Reads from India: Will the Start-Ups Deliver?

Welcome to the inaugural Weekend Reads from India. Every few weeks, I'll endeavor to bring you a mix of the most important stories affecting local markets, the national discourse, and global sentiment about investing in India.

100 Small Steps: Will India’s Bank Licenses Bring Reform?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been steadily reforming India’s financial sector, in addition to achieving notable monetary policy successes. A few weeks back, the RBI granted licenses to 11 payments banks and followed that with licenses to 10 small finance banks. The new licensing will enable mobile payments and a significantly expanded depositor base that will reshape India's financial sector.

The Herding Mentality: Behavioral Finance and Investor Biases

Like a medicine, prospect theory has been prescribed by many as an essential panacea for most if not all investment practitioners. Yet, heuristics — mental shortcuts — and other biases continue to affect some of our professional choices leading us to make mistakes. For a gifted few in the industry, biases are a source of alpha. But for many others biases impose a cost — a price paid for irrationalities.

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