Practical analysis for investment professionals

Behavioral Finance

Five Key Strategies for Building Trust with Your Clients

Jamie Ziegler, cofounder of the consulting firm AUM Partners, offers five practical tips for learning how to better communicate, build, and demonstrate trust with clients, peers, and colleagues.

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: Scoundrels, Birds and Bees, and Risky Shifts

Over the past couple of weeks there have been lots of compelling articles for financial advisers. Here are some of my favorite reads in case you missed them.

Lie Detection for Investment Professionals: A Summary of Lying and Deceit Behaviors

Jason Voss, CFA, provides a summary of the major research about lying and deceit behaviors, including a brief overview of dozens of research papers.

Silver Medal or Bronze? Understanding Pride, Regret, and Counterfactual Thinking

Due to a phenomenon known as counterfactual thinking, silver medalists are often less happy than Olympians who capture the bronze. Studies show that counterfactual thinking can also influence how finance professionals pick stocks.

Take 15: Daniel Kahneman Discusses the Past and Future of Behavioral Finance Research (Video)

Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman discusses behavioral finance with Ashvin Chhabra, including what insight the discipline can lend to the global financial crisis and the direction of future research.

The Feuding Tribes of Practitioners (and Theorists) in Investment Management

Amidst the worst financial crisis in a generation, polarizations between proponents of quantitative approaches and those who favor classical fundamental analysis and behavioral finance pose a hindrance to solving the practical challenges we face as investors. Can this chasm be bridged?

Lie Detection 101 for Financial Analysts: How to Spot Manipulators and Actors

In order to detect lies and deceit a financial analyst needs to understand the basics. For example, in what contexts do people lie, and what types of people are more likely to lie or deceive?

Take 15: The State of Lie Detection in Finance (Video)

Dr. Maria Hartwig, a deception and lying behavior expert, discusses the state of lie detection in finance. She also reviews important lie detection research and what the future holds for lie detection in finance.

Behavioral Intelligence: Can It Help Managers Generate Alpha?

Can a better understanding of behavioral finance, that is, behavioral intelligence, translate into improved investment returns? Opinion may be divided, but research suggests that it can.

Why Clients and Fund Managers Behave Badly (Hint: It’s About More than Character)

Are wealthy individuals more apt to lie, cheat and break the law? According to a recent paper, the answer is: Yes!

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