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Top 5 Articles from April

Top posts from last month included articles on the Japanese debt crisis, the future of quantitative investing, and resources for the development of soft skills.

Top 5 Articles from March

Top posts from last month included articles on the Facebook IPO, five perspectives on the China's "investment bubble," and reassessing the concept of the risk-free rate.

Top 5 Articles from February

Top posts from last month included articles on the evolution of asset allocation, the importance of emotional intelligence, and how to avoid the siren song of emotions.

Top 5 Articles from January

Top posts from last month included articles on the DCF model, the recent Hildebrand scandal, and an interview with Felix Zulauf.

Top 5 Articles from December

Last month's most popular posts from the blog include articles on the potential FX mortgage crisis in Europe, competitive currency devaluation, and the sustainability of China's economic growth.

Top 5 Articles from November

1. Warren Buffett Shows His Hand
When Warren Buffett recently disclosed a 5.4% position in International Business Machines (IBM), it took almost everyone by surprise. How did the Oracle of Omaha manage to build… READ MORE ›

Ahead of Print: Articles from the November/December FAJ

Articles from the upcoming issue of Financial Analysts Journal include: Active Management in Mostly Efficient Markets; Trading Relative Performance with Alpha Indexes; and more.

Just Released: CFA Magazine (November/December 2011)

Will the Chinese renminbi emerge as an international reserve currency? This issue’s cover story examines the currency’s evolution over the past decade and implications for investors.

Other highlights of the November/December issue of CFA… READ MORE ›

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