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Rebalancing Global Trade: There is No Quick Fix

That global trade imbalances matter has been made abundantly clear by the ongoing global economic malaise. The likely path to more sustainable levels of trade deficits, however, remains far less clear.

The Trillion Dollar Coin — Risky Business

Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, it's been hard to avoid the hullabaloo over the trillion dollar platinum coin idea. These articles should provide you with an overview of the the issue.

Take 15: Insights into Investing in Africa (Video)

Nkosana Moyo shares some of the longer term political–economic developments taking place in Africa and explains why he believes the perception of risks in Africa is worse than reality.

Take 15: Key Macroeconomic Risks and Portfolio Management Implications (Video)

Campbell Harvey discusses the limitations of quantitative easing in today’s macroeconomic environment. His analysis has implications for the role of commodities, specifically gold, in a diversified portfolio.

Global Economy: My Top Five Articles from 2012

Ron Rimkus, CFA, rounds up his favorite articles on the global economy from 2012.

Behavioral Finance: The High Cost of Emotional Investing

Most investors are no doubt familiar with the standard disclaimer “Past performance is not indicative of future results.” We know from working closely with individual investors for the past 20 years, however, that this compliance truism tends to stay… READ MORE ›

Fact File: Leadership Transition in China and the 18th Party Congress

Shiba Da (十八大), as the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (中国共产党第十八次全国代表大会) is commonly called in the Greater China region, concluded on 15 November 2012. The once-a-decade central leadership transition in China is not an overnight change simply marked by this much highlighted Shiba-da event. It is a rather long process that started more than a year ago and will extend for another year or so after the Shiba Da.

Latest Debt and GDP Figures Indicate US Economy Is Still Unwell

The world's largest and most important economy is drowning in debt and sowing the seeds of yet another bubble.

Book Review: Behavioural Macroeconomics

Ian McDonald of the University of Melbourne has assembled an enlightening and diverse collection of 24 articles — featuring surveys, theoretical modeling, and empirical testing — that explore psychology and behavioral economics in shedding light on intervention versus free-market solutions following the recent global financial crisis.

Poll: Will Masaaki Shirakawa Succeed in Overcoming Persistent Deflation by Engineering Mild Inflation?

In a poll conducted earlier this week in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we asked professional investors whether the Bank of Japan can overcome persistent deflation by engineering mild inflation.

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