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Arab Spring and Milton Friedman: Is Reducing MENA’s Unemployment a Social Responsibility of Islamic Finance?

There has been much buzz about the potential social impacts of the rise of Islamic finance in the Arab Spring nations. But how do Islamic financial institutions view their responsibility to society?

Lie Detection for Investment Professionals: A Summary of Lying and Deceit Behaviors

Jason Voss, CFA, provides a summary of the major research about lying and deceit behaviors, including a brief overview of dozens of research papers.

Against Quantitative Easing by the European Central Bank

According to Jerry H. Tempelman, CFA, a more permanent solution to the European sovereign debt crisis will have to come not from the ECB but from the governments and citizens of its constituent countries.

Generating Investment Ideas: Interview with Futurist David Houle

Investing results unfold in the future, yet many investors spend all of their time analyzing facts. What can a leading futurist teach investors about forecasting?

Stratfor’s Geopolitical Weekly: Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality

In an insightful commentary entitled Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality, George Friedman, founder of geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor, discusses the roots of the market economy… READ MORE ›

Investing Roadblocks: How to Spot and Avoid Them

As in golf, success in the financial markets is a difficult task.

Swiss National Bank — Central Bank or Hedge Fund?: James Saft | Reuters

One of my favorite journalists makes the case that the Swiss central bank is a hedge fund with a small country appended to it.

The Calvin Coolidge Approach to Saving America from Debt and Insanity: Just Say No!

Politics is all about saying "yes." But in an era of high debt and low growth, American history affords at least two interesting counterexamples: Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, former Republican U.S. presidents who improved the country's fortunes largely by saying "no."

Robert Shiller: In Praise of Financial Innovation

The Yale University economics professor reminded delegates at the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Seminar last week that cynicism about finance and financial innovation is a symptom of misplaced frustration with today's crises.

Warning: These Three Decision-Making Errors May Be Hurting Your Investment Performance

Distinguished economist Noreena Hertz told attendees at the recent CFA Society of the UK Annual Conference that “active thinking” strategies can help neutralize the common cognitive errors that inhibit effective decisions.

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