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Active Share Is a Fuzzy Number

Active share’s popularity has largely been driven by two factors. First, it appears simple and intuitive; active share is the proportion of a portfolio’s holdings that is different from the benchmark for that portfolio. Second, the investment industry has become fascinated by the debate over the link between the level of active share and outperformance of the benchmark. Read more


Book Review: Mastering ’Metrics

Mastering Metrics

The authors provide an easy-to-read overview of key concepts in econometrics for anyone desiring a strong intuitive description of how to conduct analysis using simple techniques. Covering a limited number of topics with practical examples of each, they offer a useful framework for conducting fundamental econometric analysis. Although the book does not directly discuss financial issues, it provides a good foundational review for the financial empiricist who wishes to better structure econometric tests. Read more

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Top 10 Posts from 2015: The Buffett Bet, Oil Prices, and Accounting Errors

Top 10 Posts from 2015: The Buffett Bet, Oil Prices, and Accounting Errors

As the year draws to a close, it is illuminating to look back at the articles that most resonated with our readers in 2015. In many ways, the results encapsulate the macro and micro issues that investment professionals encountered throughout the year and that are likely to shape the industry in the weeks and month ahead. So what were the leading posts from 2015? Read more

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