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Count on Low Expected Returns, Says Antti Ilmanen

“It is not only a low interest rate world, it is also a low expected return world on any long-only investment,” said Antti Ilmanen, in his presentation at the 2016 CFA Institute European Investment Conference. Low expected returns are going to anchor bad news for all of us for the rest of our working lifetimes, he said, and maybe beyond. Read more

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Book Review: Opening Credit

Book Review: Opening Credit

Focusing on traded credit, the authors lay out the basic principles of fundamental corporate credit analysis and illustrate the key elements with recent examples. They explain why credit analysis should be focused on management rather than reported financial results. To be useful to credit analysts, financial results should be adjusted to reflect the company’s “economic behavior.” The authors also discuss common company manipulations and effective methods for dealing with these manipulations. Read more

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