Practical analysis for investment professionals

Performance Measurement & Evaluation

Choosing Investment Managers: A Guide for Institutional Investors

Many institutions, even the large, sophisticated plan sponsors, end up buying high and selling low when it comes to hiring investment managers. How can that be?

Where Is Risk Hiding Now? Pandas, Tail Risks, and Safe Havens

The efforts of some financial institutions to quantify value at risk (VaR) and other uncertainties, and to establish an effective culture of risk management, have blown up spectacularly at both an organizational and a portfolio level.

How Does Gender Affect the Performance and Career Outcomes of Sell-Side Analysts? (Podcast)

Rodney N. Sullivan, CFA, discusses his recent research on the effects of gender in the sell-side analyst field.

How to Choose a Good Hedge Fund for Your Portfolio: Mark Anson’s Secret Formula

The chief investment officer at the Bass Family Office says that the expected quality of a hedge fund manager is a function of additional return, minimal volatility, a bias toward positive returns, and less big blow ups.

Investment Strategy: Rethinking Hedge Fund Indices

Creating a hedge fund index that reflects investor experience is certainly a challenge, but the assertions made in the academic research point fingers at the wrong issues. Ted Seides thinks it worthwhile to set the record straight.

Real Returns: The Importance of Considering After-Tax Investment Results (Video)

Many investors don't consider the tremendous impact that taxes can have on their investment performance.

Investing in Currencies: The Problem with Benchmarks

Prasad Ramani, CFA, discusses why benchmarking is one of the most important and oft-discussed topics in asset managment.

Sculpting Investment Portfolios: Maximum Drawdown and Optimal Portfolio Strategy

The fundamental aim of any portfolio construction methodology is to deliver optimal risk-adjusted performance.

Eric Bennett’s Top 10 Manager Search and Selection Tips

Eric Bennett, CFA, chairman and CEO of Tolleson Private Wealth Management, shares his top 10 tips for manager search and selection.

How Many of Our Successes and Failures Should Be Attributed to Luck?

How many stock pickers who outperform this year will beat a dart board next year? The answer depends upon whether luck or skill had more to do with their results.

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