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Fact File: S&P 500 Sigma Events

A seemingly endless battle is waged between believers in the efficient market hypothesis, such as Eugene Fama, and believers in behavioral finance, such as Daniel Kahneman. Regardless of your perspective, an analysis of the S&P 500’s history of sigma events provides an interesting field for the battle to be waged.

Take 15: Investing Globally: The Rise of the Middle Class

John P. Calamos, Sr., discusses the rise of the middle class in emerging markets and what investors in these markets should focus on.

13F Watch: Bullish on Consumer Staples and Health Care Stocks, Bearish on Technology and Energy

Based on a review of the aggregate filings for the second quarter of 2012, institutional investors added to their holdings in consumer staples and health care stocks while reducing their exposure to the technology and energy sectors.

Weekend Reading: Bulls, Bears, and High-Frequency Foul-Ups

Global equity markets, buoyed in large measure by expectations of continued central bank accommodation, have continued their advance in the second half of 2012, with markets in Japan and the most financially stressed eurozone countries notable exceptions. Economic news, however, remains lackluster, prompting caution among risk-averse investors.

Poll: Are High-Frequency Trading Reforms Needed?

In a poll conducted earlier this week, CFA Institute asked its members if tighter regulation of high-frequency trading would meaningfully reduce technical glitches in the stock market. Not surprisingly, nearly two-thirds of respondents thought that tighter regulations would indeed be effective.

Lie Detection for Investment Professionals: A Summary of Lying and Deceit Behaviors

Jason Voss, CFA, provides a summary of the major research about lying and deceit behaviors, including a brief overview of dozens of research papers.

Take 15: Pension Finance with Barton Waring (Video)

Defined benefit plans are in a state of crisis as accrued liabilities are expanding, resulting in companies struggling to pay for the increased funding costs. Learn ways that these defined benefit funds can be modified to provide adequate benefits for employees and acceptable cost for employers.

Generating Investment Ideas: Interview with Futurist David Houle

Investing results unfold in the future, yet many investors spend all of their time analyzing facts. What can a leading futurist teach investors about forecasting?

Manchester United IPO: Yellow Card

Manchester United, the acclaimed soccer club of the English Premier League, is planning to sell shares to the public in an offering to be priced August 9, 2012. While its iconic brand and loyal following are probably unsurpassed in professional sports, the valuation attached to Manchester United's shares and the risk factors associated with ownership make this an investment to avoid, unless you are just looking for bragging rights at your local pub.

Stratfor’s Geopolitical Weekly: Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality

In an insightful commentary entitled Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality, George Friedman, founder of geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor, discusses the roots of the market economy… READ MORE ›

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