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Turning Points: Buffett’s Derivative Bets, China Mixed, Japan Changing, and the Euro Muddling Through

Ron Rimkus, CFA, compiles a wrap-up of the key issues affecting global markets for fundamental investors.

Weekend Reading for Equity Investors: Earnings, Elections, and More

As the third quarter came to a close, we suggested that the prevailing bullish stock market sentiment may fade as earnings were reported. Well, corporate earnings have taken center stage in recent weeks and generally disappointing results and lowered guidance have, in fact, prompted equity investors to head for the exits. Further constraining risk appetites are the looming fiscal cliff in the US, recession in Europe, and continued uncertainty in Asia Pacific. US equity investors can also be expected to stay on edge through the upcoming presidential election.

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: Loss Aversion, Goldman Sachs, and Ted Talks

Lauren Foster her shares top picks for the most interesting recent articles, radio shows, and video clips.

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: Risk and Testosterone, the Bias Blind Spot, and a “Tasteless Tweet”

Here are my picks for some of the most interesting recent articles and blog posts, in case you missed them.

Behavioral Science and Risk

Prospect theory and football? This piece is not exactly about finance, but it’s… READ MORE ›

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: An Efficient Frontier, the Golden Ratio, and EconoTrolls

Lauren Foster share her picks for some of the most interesting — and entertaining — recent articles and blog posts, in case you missed them.

Weekend Reading for Equity Investors: Focusing on Fundamentals

Equity investors liked what they heard from central bankers Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke earlier this month and have pushed most global indices higher. Chinese stocks, coping with a steady flow of skepticism and negative economic news, have been a notable exception. Looking ahead, as corporate earnings come back into focus, bullish sentiment may very well fade without meaningful signs of a sustained economic recovery.

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: Taxes, Situational Awareness, and Giving Back

It's no secret that financial advisers who want to succeed need to understand a range of complex subjects — not just investing but also tax and estate planning, retirement planning, and philanthropy, to name but a few. With that in mind, here are some compelling reads from the past week for the well-rounded adviser.

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: Scoundrels, Birds and Bees, and Risky Shifts

Over the past couple of weeks there have been lots of compelling articles for financial advisers. Here are some of my favorite reads in case you missed them.

Private Wealth Roundup: Top 10 Behavioral Psychology Books, Asian Millionaires, and Slackers

Amid all the buzz about athletes and the Olympics, two of the most interesting articles I came across recently were about marathon runners: one a champion, the other a cheat. Both offered insights into human psychology and what separates winners from losers.

Just Released: CFA Institute Magazine (July/August 2012)

“There has been a lot of skepticism about finance recently, but it’s important we understand the value of financial innovation,” says economist Robert Shiller. In the latest issue of CFA Institute Magazine, Shiller… READ MORE ›

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