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Finance as a Force for Good

Investment professionals across the globe need to take the long view and bend the arc of the future away from being self-focused and toward caring about others. And in so doing, we can create a force for good, says Daniel Goleman.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Perma-Bear Edition

Before I share my Weekend Reads for Investors, I want to clarify something for each of you: Far from being a perma-bear, I am actually a perma-bull. Why? Because human beings will always try to improve their lives.

Three Tips for Building a High-Impact Resume

Career coach Dennis Grady offered valuable advice on constructing an effective resume in a recent webinar. Julia VanDeren breaks his insights down into three critical pointers.

Weekend Reads for Investors: The Let It Be Edition

Jason Voss, CFA, highlights some of the most-compelling reads he's encountered over the last month. Among the topics explored: share buybacks, central banks, and dark matter.

Essential Listening: Taking a Leap

The complex world of adhesives, high-end property appraisals, and start-ups are among the topics explored in Tadas Viskanta's latest roundup of podcasts.

Essential Listening: Bowie Bonds

This week's installment of Essential Listening podcasts includes selections on the collapse of oil and commodity prices, behavioral biases, meditation and mindfulness, and more.

Best of 2015: Asia Pacific Markets for Global Investors

Though global trade was growing at its slowest pace since 2009, East Asia remained one of the main growth drivers of the world economy. Over the last year we continued bringing you updates on industry developments in the Asia Pacific region, as well as insights from thought leaders from both the industry and academia.

Essential Listening: Quieting Your Mind

One of the great things about the state of podcasting today is its diversity. If you look hard enough, you can find a podcast out there on just about any topic. You can listen to podcasts on everything from Charlie Munger, to analyst earnings estimates, to commercial space travel, to meditation.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Bridgewater, the Financial Times, and Gold

Has Ray Dalio at Bridgewater changed his view on investing in China? Or has he? Will gold continue its slide from here? And how did The Financial Times itself end up in the story? Check out the latest edition of Weekend Reads for Global Investors to find out.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: The Financial Analysts Seminar Edition

This week's Weekend Reads is a little different from the usual because I just attended the 60th Annual Financial Analysts Seminar (FAS) in Chicago. If this is your first time hearing about FAS, it has a long and storied history: Benjamin Graham was on the faculty and Warren Buffett is perhaps the most illustrious attendee.

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