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Weekend Reads for Investors: Tread Water Edition

Jason Voss, CFA provides his selections for Weekend Reads for Investors. This week's stories are critical of finance's love of squishy statistics, employers that keep their talented employees down, and the usefulness of GDP as an economic measure.

The Active Equity Renaissance: Understanding the Cult of Emotion

“I know you are afraid and you should be afraid. I will invest you in products that will not stir up your fears." This sentiment is applied over and over again in the investment industry in one form or another, by the "Cult of Emotion."

Weekend Reads for Investors: The Passive vs. Active Debate Continued

The cold war between passive and active investing has heated up considerably in the last two years, writes Jason Voss, CFA. He offers more insight on this, as well as other picks in this week's edition of Weekend Reads for Investors.

Weekend Reads: No Alternatives and Things That Really Matter

The search for alternatives, things that really matter in the world, and a brief foray into the active vs. passive management debate are the topics included in this week's edition of Weekend Reads.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Perma-Bear Edition

Before I share my Weekend Reads for Investors, I want to clarify something for each of you: Far from being a perma-bear, I am actually a perma-bull. Why? Because human beings will always try to improve their lives.

Best of 2015: The Challenge of “Diversity”

We should treat diversity as a positive conversation, an idea whose time has come, something that serves the good of all, and never as a club or an indictment.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Ransom, Sabotage, and Monsters Edition

Over the last month, I have read two absolutely fascinating pieces that each cover very unique territory. First comes the utterly modern story of Greek banks being held for ransom by hackers demanding payment in bitcoin! No less fascinating is a piece about behaviors that unintentionally sabotage your organization.

Top Five Articles from November: (Un)Passive Management, the TPP, and Inflation

Leading posts from November include the latest installment in the Dumb Alpha series by Joachim Klement, CFA; a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) reading list compiled by Larry Cao, CFA; and an analysis by Jason Voss, CFA, of the potential for a flash crash caused by the confluence of quantitative easing (QE), currency market structure, and other factors.

Why Hasn’t Active Investing Outperformed Passive Investing in Recent Years?

The results of our latest CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief poll reflect the tug-of-war between the two camps in the long-running active vs. passive debate.

Top Five Posts from September: Negative Interest Rates, Robo-Advisers

September highlights include a look at how negative interest rates are challenging traditional economic theory, and predictions about the potential winners and losers in the battle between humans and robo-advisers.

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