Practical analysis for investment professionals


The Intangible Valuation Renaissance: Five Methods

Intangible assets are increasingly critical to corporate value, and new valuation methods need to be deployed to accurately calculate their worth.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Highly Caffeinated Edition

Jason Voss, CFA, provides his choices for Weekend Reads for Investors. This edition features surprising facts about coffee consumption, global choke points in the food supply, graphics showing how cryptocurrencies are likely to affect finance, and more.

The Top Five Accounting Mistakes Analysts Make

Shocking as it may seem, most research analysts and investors still commit elementary accounting errors when analyzing financial statements. Here are some of the more common mistakes.

How to Read between the Lines of Asian Financial Statements

In this only book of its kind, two trained accountants and seasoned analysts illustrated a disciplined approach to identify accounting irregularities using actual examples of Asian companies.

The Sherlock Holmes of Accounting: Howard Schilit Explains the Mystery of His Art

Because of his track record in detecting the manipulation of financial results, Howard Schilit, CFA, has been called the Sherlock Holmes of accounting. Whereas most forensic accountants come in after the fact for the investigation and litigation, Schilit is the rare exception who comes in to detect accounting manipulation before it is widely discovered.

Averting the Pension Cliff with Commonsense Accounting Principles

At the recent CFA Institute Global Investment Risk Symposium, Ron Ryan, CFA, of Ryan ALM, appealed for greater transparency and the application of commonsense principles in pension accounting, warning that without such changes the solvency of corporations, cities, and states is at stake.

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