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Poll: Will Bitcoin Be a Viable Alternative Currency in Five Years?

Having risen to more than $1,100 per bitcoin in trading just a few months ago, bitcoin has subsequently experienced a good deal of turmoil and volatility.

Take 15: Bitcoin and Monetary Policy (Video)

Nicholas J. Colas of ConvergEx Group discusses his views on Bitcoin as an alternative currency payment system and phenomenon.

The Strategic Case for Gold as an Investment

What's the strategic case for gold as an investment? We posed this question to Juan Carlos Artigas, the head of investment research for the World Gold Council, the market development organization for the gold industry.

Weekend Reads for Financial Advisors: Emotional Finance and Chaos Theory

Lauren Foster rounds up recent articles and resources that you may have missed during the last couple of week.

Poll: Is Bitcoin a Long-Term Alternative to Government-Sponsored Currencies?

In a poll conducted in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we asked professional investors around the world if they thought the Bitcoin would be a long-term, viable alternative to government-sponsored currencies.

Do you think… READ MORE ›

Bitcoins: New Gold or Fool’s Gold?

Currencies must be trusted by large numbers of people. However, in light of the recent history of fiat money (and the gross indebtedness of many nations), trust is rapidly eroding. So is Bitcoin a natural step in the evolution of money?

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