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A Paean to The Epicurean Dealmaker

The Epicurean Dealmaker ran during a financially tumultuous period from early 2007 to around April 2015, when its pseudonymous investment banker author appeared to have signed off for the last time. It is a treasure of erudition, wit, recalcitrance, irreverence, and self-deprecation, writes Marc Ross, CFA.

Undervalued Posts from the Financial Blogosphere: Second-Order Thinking

Writers (and readers), especially in the age of increasingly short attention spans, want findings served up in bite-size chunks that are easily digestible. There is room in our media diet for some of that. In this edition of Undervalued Posts from the Financial Blogosphere, I want to highlight posts that take the opposite tack.

Undervalued Posts from the Financial Blogosphere

Good blog posts often don't find an audience. In this post, Tadas Viskanta of Abnormal Returns notes the blog posts from the past month that he feels deserved a wider audience than they received.

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