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Winners of Brexit: Will London Be Supplanted by Other Finance Hubs?

Will London's status as a financial capital be threatened by the United Kingdom's recent Brexit vote? If so, which global financial centers stand to gain the most from the City's loss? We polled readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief to find out.

Post-Brexit: Tools to Reset Your Narrative

However bad you think a given development is, it is worth remembering that the productive step is to put your focus in a positive place. Real businesses were built during the Great Depression. People made money during the financial crisis. Despite myriad predictions to the contrary, the sun still rises every day in the east.

The Brexit Results: What Happened, What’s Next?

The United Kingdom’s official exit from the European Union (EU) will be a long and uncertain process. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty governs a departure from the union, but provides few guidelines.

Survey Anticipates Negative Brexit Effect

Though the post-Brexit referendum era is still in its early stages, the initial developments in the aftermath of the vote are in keeping with the results of a recent CFA Institute and the CFA Society of the UK survey.

Brexit: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

What is the upcoming Brexit referendum all about? Is the United Kingdom better off staying in or leaving the European Union (EU)? Does it even matter? For insight on these questions, we polled CFA institute Financial NewsBrief readers.

Book Review: Europe’s Orphan

Europe's Orphan: The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt is a spirited defense and a thoughtful reinterpretation of the eurozone’s unpromising recent history, writes reviewer Mark Harrison, CFA.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Abenomics, Brexit, and Credit Bubbles

In this edition: recent developments such as Brexit as well as insights from investment luminaries, including a Nobel Laureate's advice to his children on managing money and Edward Altman of Altman Z-score fame on global credit markets.

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