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Poll: Which Fixed-Income Markets Are in Bubble Territory?

In a poll conducted earlier this week, we asked readers whether global fixed-income markets are in bubble territory, and if so, which ones are overvalued.

Is There a Bubble in High-Yield Bonds? No!

Martin Fridson, CFA, lays out — and dismantles — some typical arguments pundits have recently used to call the high-yield market a bubble.

Five Perspectives on China’s “Investment Bubble”

Vikram Mansharamani used five different perspectives on China’s economy to argue that China’s investment-driven boom will be the next great financial bubble to burst, predicting significant drops in industrial commodity prices, commodity producers’ profitability, and even the currencies of the major commodity-producing countries.

The Potential European Debt Crisis You Are Not Hearing About

The European sovereign debt crisis has been occupying a disproportionate amount of investor mindshare over these past many months. Yet there is another potential debt crisis in Europe that is receiving… READ MORE ›

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