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Book Review: Risk

Risk: Your Global Guide is a slim but valuable guide to risk management and fraud detection. The book’s message is simple: Understand the basic principles of finance, reduce unintended risk, and obtain a level of reward commensurate with the level of risk that you assume. This high-level perspective allows the reader to see the big picture and understand how fraud at the highest levels of finance and government affects ordinary citizens.

Book Review: Opening Credit

Focusing on traded credit, the authors lay out the basic principles of fundamental corporate credit analysis and illustrate the key elements with recent examples. They explain why credit analysis should be focused on management rather than reported financial results. To be useful to credit analysts, financial results should be adjusted to reflect the company’s “economic behavior.” The authors also discuss common company manipulations and effective methods for dealing with these manipulations.

Covered Bonds: Rising Interest in the United States

Europeans did and do dominate the world of covered bonds, but US investors are showing an increasing interest in these instruments.

The Latest Plan for Resolving the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

On 27 October 2011, after months of discord, European leaders ironed out a plan to address the escalating European sovereign debt crisis. Here is an overview of what exactly that plan… READ MORE ›

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