Practical analysis for investment professionals

CFA Institute Seminar for Global Investors

For 64 years, the Financial Analysts Seminar has been widely known as one of the most comprehensive continuing education programs for investment professionals, with a long tradition of excellence. Benjamin Graham served on its faculty. Warren Buffett attended its sessions. And in 2019, to better reflect the global nature of the program and our audience, the name is changing to become the CFA Institute Seminar for Global Investors.

This internationally recognized event offers engaging lectures, small classroom discussions, and interactive case studies on a wide range of timely investment topics.

Resolving ESG Conflicts: Important, But Not Material?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are important, but are all of them material? California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) CIO Christopher J. Ailman discusses how he resolves investment conflicts.

What Explains the Oil Crash? Not Reduced Demand

“What drives long-term energy demand growth? People and income,” Jennifer Stevenson explained.

Value Stock Picking: Finding “Horses with Legs”

Leah Zell, CFA, discusses her firm's approach to fundamental analysis and why identifying companies with good governance is imperative for managing risks.

Edward Altman: The Benign Credit Cycle Is in Extra Innings

Edward Altman says the benign credit cycle is in “extra innings,” but the metaphorical relief pitchers — central bankers — are running out of gas. Though most indicators point towards the end of the benign cycle, Altman cannot predict when the stress cycle will begin.

Theory to Practice: Siegel and Waring on Retirement Spending Rules

Laurence B. Siegel and M. Barton Waring devised a way to balance an investor’s portfolio concerns by adopting a personal annuity structure, created by relating an asset portfolio’s value to a stream of annual spending over a term related to the remaining lifespan of the investor.

Hedge Fund Fees: The Rorschach Test of Investing

Could a different approach to investment benchmarking change the discussions about hedge fund management fees?

Ashvin B. Chhabra: Understanding Goals Is the Value Proposition

Ashvin B. Chhabra says advisers can't control market fluctuations, but they can control how goals are prioritized.

Is the Era of Central Banks Over? Highlights from the Financial Analysts Seminar

Professionals and academics at the Financial Analysts Seminar led classes on investment topics, market movements, and the influential factors that investors must watch to prepare for the future.

Africa Rising: Now Is the Time to Invest in the World’s Fastest-Growing Continent

Many investors say that Africa is still too risky, but the biggest risk may be not investing in Africa in the first place.

This Chart Breaks Capitalism — Can the Fed Fix It?

As I write this, US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and the Fed Board of Governors are ensconced in another two-day meeting. They will make a statement at the end. That statement will either move markets or bore them, but as a professional investor I will be waiting for exactly one thing: certainty about the path interest rates will take.

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